We are Intended Foods

This is our story

Every year we humans grow, harvest, process, sell and distribute billions of tons of food to feed the almost 8 billion people on our planet.

Regrettably, a part of that ever-growing food pile ends up at a completely different destination. As biomass fuel, industrial fermentation ingredients or animal feed. And even though it’s only a small percentage, the total sum could be enough to supply hundreds of thousands of people with so-called problematic, yet perfectly fine potato products like fries, wedges and hash browns.

So we asked ourselves… Can we change this somewhat strange way of handling surplus stock, slow moving and problematic products, whilst meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety, quality and brand reputation? We don’t just think we can. We strongly believe it’s essential we do so.

We are Intended Foods.

As an experienced solution provider for international frozen food producers, we are here to help. By finding new destinations, sales channels, and business opportunities. By giving the non-core, bottleneck products in your cold store new possibilities. By letting you focus on your core food products again. By creating ways to give your overstock a sustainable and socially preferable destination.

On your terms. According to your conditions.

Others may see problematic food. But we see opportunities. So whatever challenge your cold store contains, we are here to help you find that right destination, for the right value and the right reasons.

Our Team

Our Values


Be Resourceful

We’re agile, fast-thinking problem-solvers with another way of looking at things. The way we are organized reinforces that one special element we can add to multinational companies and slow moving processes: resourcefulness. By thinking out-of-the-box we can get foods into it - and ready to ship.


Be Trustful

Two things you shouldn’t mess about with: food and business. Daily, we deal with challenges that require care, attention and trust. That’s why we not only respect the highest standards in quality, safety and legislation, we want to make sure everybody we work with does as well.


Be Helpful

Being helpful works in two directions, especially when you’re part of a complex supply chain. Progress is only achieved when working together in equal partnerships. It’s in our genes to get involved with every link in the supply chains we believe we can help improve.